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"MASTER COURSE CIPE - Stricto Sensu"
CAPES: 15006018007P9/code Ordinance: 0526 of 6/18/2014.

Approval of the meeting of the CTC-149ª ES, CNE/Opinion CES No. 58/2014.












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Universidade do Estado do Pará
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Come make your post graduate studies at Amazon with us.



University Pará State - Brazil
Center of life sciences and health.

What we can offer?

- Partnership with related laboratories from all over the world.

- Monitoring and guidance for students from all over the world for conducting courses in our lines of scientific technological performance:

Who we can receive?

- To Courses of 30, 60 or 90 days:

Undergraduate students of medical school to work in one of our research lines participating in projects that will involve laboratories in their home countries, fostering partnerships and projects together.

- To Post Graduate course with duration of 2 years:

- Health professionals linked to research labs in their home countries, that have availability of fixation in Belém do Pará city, for 2 years period to develop their studies and scientific technological product generator design and patents within our lines of research.

- Exchange of teachers for training, participation in joint projects and partnerships


Objectives of the program.

Professionalizing Master of Surgery and Experimental Research Program (CIPE) is intended to give the qualified candidate the title of Master of Surgery and Experimental Research.

• The Masters degree program CIPE is organized in the form of Professionalizing Master program, aims to provide the depth of scientific expertise, as well as developing skills to perform research and develop operational processes, products and methodologies in the field of Surgery and Experimental Research.

• The Masters degree program CIPE aims to provide qualification Strictu sensu to health professionals that preferentially bound to the research, teaching, the Departments of Health, and the private sector in order to contribute to technical and scientific knowledge, positively influencing health, aiming at the improvement of its quality.

• Training health professionals, in an interdisciplinary perspective, to be able to respond to social, economic and political demands in the field of surgery and experimental research, considering epidemiological, social and environmental contexts, focusing on the regional scene, without losing sight of the national and international dimensions.

• Establish clear links between scientific production and technological training of human resources for the labor market;

• Strengthen the process of experimental research that turn into knowledge and develop factors that positively affect the population of the Amazon;

• Know the basic norms and laws concerning laboratory in vivo research with laboratory animals, in vitro and with the human species;

• Be able to issue a reasonable critical opinion in terms of Ethics / Bioethics, including Animal Welfare, relating to projects of Surgery and Experimental Research;

• Be able to develop research projects in Surgery and Experimental Research;

• Establish innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the area;

• Be able to perform laboratory procedures with experimental animals, such as the collection of products for analysis and testing; Employing tissue culture techniques for studies of experimental research.

• Build and enhance surgeons with the stimulation of continuing educational programs in animal experimentation;

• Adhere to ethical and legal standards governing the use of animals in scientific procedures, reproving undue experimentation.



1 - Experimental Surgery concentration area:
a) Experimental Models.
b) ischemia and reperfusion with emphasis on transplants and shock.
c) Biomaterials Orthotics and proteses.

Developing and test innovations and innovative teaching strategies and surgical technique in the surgical areas.

2 - Experimental Research
concentration area:
a) Morfofisiophatological changes.
b) Projects and new technologies, aimed at improving health education and care in the Brazilian Unique system of health. (SUS).
c) Medicinal plants of interest in the Amazon.


Patent registration
Methodology of the research
Animal experimentation: bioterial and experimental models

Computers in research
Pathophysiology and treatment of conditions of ischemia and reperfusion
Gynecoendocrinology and menopause
Metabolism, nutrition and dysfunctional states
Microsurgical procedures and rehabilitation
Current issues in neurosciences
Oxidative stress and pathological mechanisms
Active teaching methodologies
Animal cell culture techniques
Pathophysiology of cachexia - cancer anorexia

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